UI Work

A Visual Tour of the applications I have written. 

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The following screen shots are of applications I have written over the last few years. Usability was always the primary concern, style second. However I quickly learned that ugly applications are hard to use, a base line of visual appeal is required.

The last web page I worked on was for DigitalXtractions, we had several iterations before the final version. I used JSF/Netbeans for this project and was a little annoyed with how it created pages. For example, by default every, navigation is handled with a post. This makes for a bad user experience since the host browser will complain when the user tries to refresh or use the back button. Below is a clip from the DigitalXtractions web page.

Along with the main web page for DigitalXtractions I also implemented a portal application for our users. I used GWT, which was nice, I always preferred the way AWT and Swing did layout.

Last summer I worked on an application for tracking your health record. It was based on the work I did at Children's. We never finished the project, but I like the way it was starting to look. We had a strong brand theme going.

Before working a DigitalXtractions I worked a the Children's Hospital Boston. I created the UI for the AEGIS project, more information can be found here. This was my first 'no compromise' AJAX application. I also implemented a Swing version. This was a tough project to layout visually since we wanted to put a lot of information on the screen at once. I think we did a good job of getting the important information up front. In the upper left we have a little calendar, this tells users if today or on a recent day if any alarms have been activated.

While at Children's I also created a few applications for viewing a patient health record. Below are views for viewing your child's immunization information.