Lucas Jordan's Online Resume


I have 13 years of Java experience working on every aspect of modern applications, from the persistence layer to the UI. Recent work has exposed me to iOS. I have experience working in a freelance environment as well as working with and managing a development team. I look forward to finding another challenging project working with those who value a life long computer enthusiast.

My Apps

I have developed a number of iOS applications, my personal apps are:

TightBeam: An application for sending secure text messages. This application uses the camera of one device to read QR codes displayed on another device to exchange security keys.

CWG's Video Loop Presenter (vloop) - This application is a simple utility app for looping video on an iOS device. It is popular among professionals running booths at trade shows. 

Space Attack!! - My first iOS application. A simple game of shooting down asteroids. All the fun of your favorite old games.

Numbers and Counting + Colors and Shapes - Two simple games exploring what educational games might look like on iOS. 

Apps Built for Others

Virtual Vehicles - Create a mobile version of Virtual Vehicles, utilizing their existing web content.

Get App Here - An application that recommended an app based on your location. This app is no longer available.

Product - Pad Bracket

I designed and created a wall mount for the Apple iPad, called the Pad Bracket. Creating this product gave me experience starting my own company and insight into the role of advertising in the success of a company.


I have published the following books through Apress:

JavaFX Special Effects - Taking Java™ RIA to the Extreme with Animation, Multimedia, and Game

Beginning iOS 6 Games Development (Pending)


A Music Visualizer with the Java Media Framework API and JavaFX Technology at JavaONE 2009

JavaFX Introduction at Rochester Java Users Group (RJUG)

GWT Introduction at Rochester Java Users Group (RJUG)

Primary Technologies

Java SE, EE(6), Flex, Swing, C#, iOS, Microsoft Compact Framework, ANT, Maven, JUnit, JNLP, Zero Config, XML, XSD, XPath, JDOM, w3c DOM, SOAP, JAX-WS, RMI, Servlets, DHTML, CSS, Java Script (AJAX), Tomcat, RT3D, MODFLOW, C/C++, Piccolo, Linux, OS X, Solaris 10, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, log4j, Quartz, Netbeans, Eclipse, Xcode, AWS.

Current Employment

Currently working at EffectiveUI as a lead developer. Responsibilities include technology planning and thought leadership as well as development work.

Professional Projects

EffectiveUI - Lead Developer

Lead team developing check deposit application on Android for a large bank. Improved existing iOS application and CMS application for a leading insurance company. Provided technical leadership in the selection of mobile technologies, especially in the native/embedded web space.

Cartera Commerce - Lead Developer

One Cranberry Hill, Lexington, Massachusetts 02421

Lead development team to build new internal content management system. Required a deep understanding of the business process and work directly with the product team. Used GWT to implement UI, backend was JBoss on Linux with a MySQL Database.

EffectiveUI - Lead Developer

Responsible for application architecture eDesign yearbook publishing involving a Flex front end, Java services, and an Oracle DB. This work involved defining data types, orchestrating client-server communication, and implementation of server side business logic. Worked in a support role after product launch.

Additionally worked on the following projects as tech-lead:

  • Android application for medical appliance
  • iOS application for business process visualization
  • Android/Flex for view and searching magazine content
  • Prototype application for JavaFX 1.1
  • iOS browser application

DigitalXtractions, Inc

125 Tech Park Drive, Rochester, N.Y., 14623-2438, 2006-2007

Lead Technologist

Responsible for selecting technologies in the development of a Self Contained Internet Remote Camera (SCIRC). These included selecting an embedded platform, selecting an architecture, language, and libraries to implement the server and client components. Implemented a 3 phase development cycle (alpha,beta,release) leading a small team. The three part application is the core business asset of DigitalXtractions and is composed of the embedded software running on the SCIRCs, the web services and database, and the web and Java UI elements. The system is designed to scale to hundreds of thousands of users. More information can be found here.

Children's Hospital Informatics Program

Children's Hospital Boston, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115, (CHIP), 2004-2006

AEGIS Bio-Surveillance Suite

Designed and led the implementation of a bio-surveillance application suite, which acquires emergency department visit data from participating hospitals. Analysis are performed, with any aberrations being automatically reported to the Massachusetts Health Alert Network. Responsibilities included creating application specifications including the build architecture, persistence framework, security policies and communication protocols. I was also responsible for coordinating other team members.

AEGIS Viewer

Designed and implemented an application for viewing the data stored in the AEGIS system with both a Swing version and a web version. This application provides the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with a surveillance oriented view of the data. Responsibilities included creating use cases, defining the architecture, creating visual elements and application programming. Actually, I wrote this application twice, once as a Swing application and again as an AJAX application.

PING Personal Health Record Display

Implemented a Swing based application for viewing and controlling a personally controlled health record. The application displays medical documents in several formats and provides views for high level interaction. This application is highly modular and is used in several specific projects including an influenza study in coordination with a Fortune 500 company. Responsibilities included integrating an in-house survey engine, implementing an email like messaging system, iterative user testing and communicating with the developers who provided additional web and server components.

HydroMath, LLC

Ithaca NY, 14850, 2000-2003

Dechlor Bioremediation Simulation Application

Dechlor is a software tool for the assessment and design of enhanced bioremediation for dechlorination of PCE, TCE, DCE(s) and Vinyl Chloride. The tool can be used by engineers to estimate the effects of many variables, all controlled by a single, easy to use GUI.

Cayuga Millwork, LLC

Freeville, NY, 13053, 1999-2000, 2003

Panel Optimizer

Cayuga Millwork, LLC, Freeville, NY, 13053 1999-2000, 2003

An application for describing the parts list of panel goods and providing efficient cut list from those descriptions.

Contact Information


Phone:(585) 662-9249

640 Linden St.
Rochester, NY